Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hold the front page (and I'd better tidy up the studio)

Firkling about with my statcounter (firkling, I am assured by my electronics engineer husband is an accepted term) I discovered today that I am on the front page of Arts Hub. Its starting to finally sink in what it might all mean - winning that competition. And I have to admit it gives me a fair few butterflies in my stomach. Today I also talked to a reporter for the Oxford Mail and a photographer is coming round on Friday. I'd better clean up the studio then.

Its the summer holidays and my children and their friends have all been having a go at painting canvases....huge fun for them....major clean-up required for me. Even the poor westie got smeared in green paint.
Here is Maddy's (aged 2) interpretation of the garden.

I'm off to France on Saturday. By myself. Without the children....and believe me, this many weeks into the summer holidays I will be enjoying some quiet time I hope. I'm sure I'll miss them too. A bit. Ok. A lot then.


Gretel said...

Oh well done again Sue - you want to watch Oxford Mail photographers, they tend to use a fish eye lens and you end up looking like really strange...or p'raps that's just me.
Hope to see you at the President's then? Have a great time. look forward to the stories. Behave. ;)

SueC said...

Thanks Gretel...I will endeavour to behave...

Actually the photographer was a really smashing bloke and we chatted about cameras and all sorts. He took some fantastic shots of the kids holding their masterpieces and of course Maddu managed to get into most of the shots. I particularly liked the one where she wa gazing off into the middle distance with the end of a paintbrush up her nose. Hey ho....Actually I should be saying 'A Bientot mes amis'....

Danni said...

I would just like to say congratulations on winning the competition, i myself love painting however i have not picked up a paint brush in just over 4 years but reading your website and how wonderfully you have done has made me want to call in sick tomorrow and get painting ASAP. Have a wonderful break and many thanks for the inspiration.

SueC said... ARE lovely!
Thank you for such encouraging comments.
I really hope you get painting......please share your work here???? xx