Monday, November 13, 2006

Busy busy busy

Today is a milestone day for me.

I am going to be exhibiting - and selling - some work at a beautiful boutique style shop in our village. The shop, Flowers-talk at Eynsham Emporium, is housed in a cotswold stone barn which was latterly used as the village bank and the shop today still has the old bank vault door.

I always get excited at the prospect of seeing my work up on walls.
I took the chance to paint an experimental piece based on the skin of a zebra which I produced as a triptych. The painting looks black and white in the photo but after I spent all week studying pictures of zebra hides, I actually used cream and reds and greens. If you look closely at zebra skin, its impossibly dark brown.

After spending all weekend painting I'm now clean out of cadmium red, vermillion and my size 12 filbert has curled up its filaments and consigned to the 'knackered- brushes-but-I-just-can't-throw-them-out' box that I keep under the table in the studio. I am hoping for inspiration one day for what I could do with them...I have got a Blue Peter badge after all.....

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