Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas is coming...and the SOSF have dropped by

I can hardly believe its nearly christmas. I have been spending so much time in the studio that I've neglected to put up any christmas decorations. Until today that is. A real tree for a change, carted home with the help of my six-year-old son.

And what could be better than the smell of fresh needles gently shedding from your nordic pine?

The smell of homemade gingerbread biscuit stars to hang on the tree.

Thank you so much my SOSF Christmas Fairy Emma. They are so beautifully made and absolutely delicious (of course I had to test one) and I am having a job keeping them on the tree and out of little hands. I wonder how many will be left by christmas day?

Please let me have the recipe.....I may be in need of more very soon. Yum.


natural attrill said...

Oh what a good idea! I understand your problem, were they mine I would be wanting to eat them all!

Spiderman said...

Hi Sue, New Years Eve tomorrow so a busy day and eve I hope! A big thank you at the end of 2006 for all of the entertainment your blog has given me this year - the new site looks wonderful too. I will be looking forward to more blog updates for 2007 - I hope the New Year brings even bigger and better things for PictureDreams.....roll on New York and the MyArtSpace exhibition! Take it easy.

Emm@ said...

Hi Sue.

Glad you liked the tree biscuits!

The receipe is a Nigella Lawson one that you can get at

I just swapped the cloves for a teaspoon of ground ginger.

Happy baking!

Fairy Emma xxxxxxxx