Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I am so excited. I'm going to take part in the 2007 Oxfordshire Visual Arts Festival (aka Artweeks).

In May / June 2007, Oxfordshire artists from all disciplines will be opening up their homes and studios to the public. This is Oxfordshire's biggest visual arts festival and I've found a venue to show my work as my studio is on the small side.

I should say the venue found me. I guess you could call it serendipity. Nadin makes and sells very original jewellery. A chance meeting and an exchange of emails later, we are going to share a venue and show my paintings in colours that compliment her vibrant peices.

To give you a taster (I haven't finished my paintings yet so you'll have to wait to see my contributions) have a look at these (one of my favourites is the cuff, but click on the images to take a closer look).

If you're interested in any of the works she has for sale you can reach her at jewelleryandbeyond@hotmail.co.uk

Meantime I've been stepping up a gear in the studio and I'll soon have some new work to share with you.


Gretel said...

Excellent news, I shall pop by and see you, providing it doesn't interefere with cricket ;)

MissT said...

Fantastic pieces - I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures along side some nice pieces.