Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Where's Wally ???

Thank you everyone who sent pictures of the orange poppy poster to me for my underground project. I've been really touched by the response I've had and its going to take me a while to complete but I'll share as soon as I am able.

I must also thank ArtsHub for writing about it, and of course I'm also grateful to the folk at Art Below who organise this fantastic concept of reclaiming public space from ad-land. Its a great idea and I'm thrilled to take part.

Art Below are running a special feature in the next show called 'Where's Wally'. There will be a life size image of the famous character on a poster somewhere on the London Underground. The first person to discover his exact whereabouts will win a free poster space in this year's Summer Art Below Campaign.

You can fill your space with whatever image you want (within copyright reason of course) so it could be a message to a loved one, a birthday greeting or a piece of your own art.

Why not have a go?

So, if you spot Wally then email info@artbelow.com stating the exact platform and station where you discovered him.
Happy hunting.

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