Thursday, October 19, 2006


The other weekend, I took my children, my face paints, and my sketchbook to a huge rambling manor house to meet up with 20 odd like minded adults and goodness knows how many children for a weekend of mayhem, mud and roughing it in the dorms. The kids loved it. So did I. Albeit chaotic. Quite a few times I found myself creeping off to the TV lounge where the children were entranced with the likes of Bottletop Bill and The Sound of Music and attempted to get their for once still expressions before they shifted to the kitchen for more chocolate biscuits.

I don't usually 'do' many portraits. Although I did paint Maddy one time when she had shorter hair....

Portraits are (in my mind) the hardest to paint. Not only do they have to look like the person you are painting, but they have to look like the person they think they look like....self-image is a complicated animal.

My new friend and fellow artspace winner Ilona is a master at painting portraits, you should check out her work..

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