Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

I was busy carving pumpkins today. Did you know that they are technically a berry? Didn't feel like it whilst I was hacking away with what is now a blunt bread knife trying to get the tops off.....anyway I digress......

The doorbell rang and the postie delivered a mysterious parcel...all the way from Illinois. I should explain that I have joined the Society of Secret Fairies or SOSF for their Autumn Gift exchange.
Its a lovely idea. You are matched with a fellow blogger and the idea is to gather lots of unusual and tempting goodies to make up a surprise box to send.

My Secret Fairy is Sarah. And my secret box was a cornucopia of Halloween goodies. What a lovely treat.

There were stickers (which Maddy immediately swept off with), skeletons (now adorning James' bedroom), notelets, pen, notebook, incense, smellies, special halloween socks and a fine pair of halloween oven gloves, and some very exotic looking chocolate (chillie flavoured no less...I shall be enjoying some of that when the kids are in bed later). And a lovely card.

Thank you so much Sarah. Your parcel brought a real smile to my day...and watch out for that postman.


tlchang said...

What a treasure of Halloween treats! (Don't think I've ever seen Halloween oven gloves before :-). And chili flavored chocolate is one of my favorites! You made out well.

sarah bear said...

I'm so glad you got it on Halloween!!