Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do I don't I?

This is the result of last night's efforts.
I've filled in all the foliage with their colours - although they could all do with another layer.
My dilemma is how much to block out with the black.??

I am going to ponder this for a while most likely. I'm normally one for slapping black into paintings no problem. But for some reason I'm hesitant today.

I also think it might look better this way around.....Someone help me out with this dithering !!!


Unknown said...

It’s coming along really well :) I think you could hang it anyway, but…there’s a weight to the drawing, so currently it looks best up the original way…you could get over this by painting the rest of it “upside down” or rotating it a lot…the natural line you draw would then even out and you could hang it however you liked :)

One element that your original drawing had, that the painting doesn’t have, is the extra “bleed” between colours…it’s got some black in with the red background and various colours bleeding through the black…this helps balance things…without this in the painting it’s harder to feel your way as it develops…

Perhaps if you continue applying the black as you’ve done on some of the flowers, you could then thicken the blue and green where necessary and then maybe add lines of red and gold back into some of the patterns of some of the flowers if you feel they need “knocking back”….?

Anyway, that’s my ten pence worth…but what do I know :) Give it a day or two and then go with whatever feels right, what you’re doing is working very well, run with it :)

MissT said...

For what it's worth - I like the black, I think it adds more impact. But then I