Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Three hours

I haven't been able to work in my studio for a few days for various reasons and this morning I have a blissful 3 hours spare, without interruption. Its such a luxury to paint in daylight these days. I feel like a true free spirit this morning, its sunny and I don't care the house is a tip. I have an urge to get really stuck into my red project so I'll post my efforts in 3 hours time. :-)

.....and three hours later here we are.

Quite some progress I feel, but I am left wondering if I should leave more of the cobalt blue exposed. Hmm.

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Unknown said...

This is starting to get a lovely “jungley” feel to it, you must be pleased :) The shades of red, green and blue all work well together, if it were me I’d get everything on there before making a call on how much of a colour to ultimately leave exposed…it’s a tricky paining to do because it’s so heavily designed, you can’t really splodge the paint on and have things balance as it progresses…perhaps the final balancing of colours can be done by thickening/thinning the outlines etc once it’s all there…? It’s coming along really well…you’ve had a FAR more productive/interesting morning than me ;) I’m very jealous ;)