Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cramming: update at 10 pm

I have two paintings which have to be completed before tomorrow. Its going to get a bit lonely in the studio in a few hours time when all you sensible folk are sleeping soundly.
So to keep myself company I am going to blog the progress of these last two through their stages of development.

Maybe one day I will look back on this and l.e.a.r.n. to plan my studio time more efficiently -not always possible with two young children and earnest attempts at Having A Life.

So indulge me, while I talk to myself for the next 12 hours......

Here are the lillies - with another layer of colour on. I plan to tone back the orange but it does add an exotic extra something.

Now I have added red back in and done more with the background. Leaves next.

10.00 pm
Painted in the leaves. Just seen the time. Going to be a looooonnnngggg night ahead.

Ok its midnight now....leaving this to dry off a bit and moving on to orange poppies. Listening to Amy Winehouse....I am dancing around the studio to keep lively.


Lorna said...

Will come back to see your progress

Unknown said...

It’s looking good Sue…put on a pot of coffee and stick with it…it’ll all be worth it in the end :)

Anonymous said...

You're doing well....what's the coffee you're drinking - am thinking of embarking on a late night project and need coffe and encouragement to stay AWAKE!! :-)