Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A studio outside...

I have been busy this afternoon. Not painting. My three-year-old sees to that. But we have been having huge fun sorting out the 'bottom-end-of-the-garden' so I can use it as some studio space, not to mention sit by the chiminea and sip wine space all-in-one so to speak.

Painting outdoors is a lovely experience provided you can keep insects at bay. I recall last summer spending most of my painting evenings picking small insects out of the drying acrylic rather than 'doing' anything productive. So this year I am prepared.

I have bought a 'wasp catcher'. I hate wasps.....little antisocial gits of the insect world.

I also splashed out on this really cute cast iron bird feeder which I just couldn't resist.

And while I was feeling in a frivolous mood in the summer sunshine this afternoon, I just 'had to have' 2 rhododendron plants and a vine - optimistic I know - but I harbour dreams of one day plucking ripe fruit.

This evening I have to make a May Day hat for I am going to use some of this.....I adore the colour and I am sorely tempted to paint this for my next project.


Lorna said...

Lovely garden! I am going to experiment with citronella candles this year ... mainly to protect my flesh.

SueC said...

Oooh don't get me started on biting insects....I left my studio door ajar whilst painting last night and midges have somehow got inside my boiler suit and had a feast!! Will be burning the citronella from now on.