Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Disappearing tiger

Here is another Artweeks piece.
Its not the best picture. Photographing glass is a nightmare and you can probably make me out in my pink boilersuit if you squint hard.

Since blogging this paintlet earlier, I took the tiger out of the equation, and I have to admit I sort of miss him. However, I have another poster slot in the Underground so I am going to use this image. Bit of tropical finery to brighten up a grey tunnel.

Anyway...... after the exhibition I am going to paint another, larger version of this theme, and put the peeping cat back in. Rousseau got away with it, perhaps I can too.

I had some trouble finding a mount with the custom size aperture I needed for this piece and quite by accident stumbled upon a really brilliant online shop for mounts etc. Very fairly priced and a fantastic service. I am not going to be using anyone else from now on. They are called The Picture Gallery, if anyone needs their services....

Back to my studio then, more paintings more paintings.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That looks really nice all framed up Sue, though I miss the Tiger too…looking forward to you post exhibition adventures in the jungle :)