Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Studio all nighter

Its 25 minutes to 2 am. I have 2 triptychs to finish by tomorrow morning. I am listening to Dusty Springfield full blast.

This has been preceeded by

Citizen Cope
Amy Winehouse
Abba (I know)
Some obscure bandI have absolutley no idea who they are
That guy from Men at Work

I can hear the moths beating themselves against the studio window. Theres a few inside more the pity.


Lorna said...

Shall put on the real coffee for you.

MissT said...

Hey sweetie - your health is more important than £££.

I am a bit of a Dusty Springfield freak myself at the moment. While A. is away I shall have it on at high volume. Maybe I should experiment with the panda eyes too?!?

SueC said...

LOL: I have permanent panda eyes on account of never beingable to apply eyeliner properly. At least I have given up on the blue eyeshadow.....ahhh those were the days. Remind me to dig out some pics of my 80's Uni days ;-)

Unknown said...

What a fantastic collection of tunes you’ve been working to :) Hope you’ve recovered from your late night now :)