Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Studio in the sun

Sunday was such a gorgeous day here and I had to get back into work. The sun won't fit in my studio, so I took the studio out in the sun.

Lorna paints outside. And it turns out that Graham was out painting in the sun too.

Clearly Sunday was a good day for a spot of creativity. Maddy thought so as well.....as she ferretted out the face paints from the back of the studio and set up shop alongside me.

There is a monsoon on the way later this week. So its back in the studio for now.....with a rapidly fading tan.

I am working on some new projects, brushing up on my sketching, putting together 4 commissions and putting off sorting out my brush box....at least for now.

Plenty to do, and no excuse for slacking.


natural attrill said...

Hello again!

How lovely to be working outside, your daughter looks very busy too, great that you can work together.

I am a freelance illustrator and commercial artist, I have a studio at home, my young son Toby has a workspace next to my drawing board where he creates alot of his jewellery (as well as the kitchen, living room, his bedroom....you know what it's like!!) He is really good company to work with.

Arent we lucky to have creative kids! although I think they all are actually, just that some dont have a chance to express it so much.


SueC said...

Thanks Penny. I think you're right about the opportunities to express themselves creatively. I consider myself truly lucky to have a studio at home where the kids can mess and potter about with all manner of materials. Most weekends, serveral neighbouring kids can be found here too. It does get a bit of a squeeze at times which is why its so lovely to get outdoors.

MissT said...

You certainly looked like you were having fun when I dropped the stuff over on Sunday. I'd have loved to have stayed with you and covered myself in paint!

Still, I got to cover myself with compost which has its own attractions 8-).