Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cricket and paint can mix ..........sometimes

Today was the first time Eynsham CC could get a game in - in an age. So I loaded my bike and set off for the field. Its been over 12 years since I've done any water colouring and inspired by my recent rediscovery of my Cotman Field Box...what more excuses did I need?

I did take the face paints down with me to keep the kids occupied, and managed a couple of paintings in between painting scorpion tattoos and wiping black face paint out of Maddy's ears.

I bought some masking fluid recently (curious to see how it worked after observing Graham's watercolours) and its a lot of fun!! The possibilities are endless.

I do think I had the wrong paper though...just 135 gsm art paper which was way too absorbent and when I came to rub off the masking fluid, the surface of the paper came off as well half the time.

These two survived. I had a request to keep them 'cricketerly' if there is such a word. Two empty wickets. The top one was one that James had set up to play with jumble of kids that were down the field, and the bottom one is the pitch at tea time.


Anonymous said...

Actually the real paintings look much better than shown here ... esp the 2nd one where the sight screen, flag and stumps look particularly good against their green background!

Good job you didnt post the pic of the toes!

MissT said...

Now I feel bad I was too lazy to come down 8-). I always like watching an artist at work.

Maybe PeteJ ought to have a cricket themed exhibition at the QH. I know that Gwen's working on something at the moment.

Or maybe a non-nude male calendar 8-).

Adam said...

I really like the gentleness of the second one - the fact that there's very little to focus on. It has a nice ambience as a result. Normally I deride watercolour as being wet and girly, but these are rather pleasing.

SueC said...

Thank you all for the encouragement :-)

I am going to try and get out and about painting on a more regular basis, perhaps I can get the kids interested this coming summer holiday. Hmm.