Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New ideas

I was lucky enough to be given a set of lino tools the other day and have been pondering on designs for some limited hand printed runs...to be sold either as cards or prints to be framed.

I did a couple of drawings in ink (I love my Faber Castell Pitt pens), and with the help of a well known paint program, scanned then coloured them in to see how they'd look as lino cuts using just 3 colours.

The first two are possibles, the last blue one is a scan from a gardening catalog which I messed around with. I think is too complex to use as a lino design. But would make a fantastic canvas painting. Hmm. Be interested to hear what others think.

I love the blue in this one. It reminds me of the Klein blue I saw so much of in the South of France last year.


Unknown said...

Love the blue one, you’re right, it would make a very striking canvas :)

Don’t forget the lino cuts will give you solid colours, not the dithered effect you’re getting from your graphics package….you could fake the effect by applying the paint lightly/pressing lightly on these areas…but that would be quite tricky and a bit hit and miss…All very striking though, looking forward to seeing them in card form :)…I must get on with some more of my own…;)

natural attrill said...

I love the blue too!

Lorna said...

Like the blur but am unconvinced adout the white.

MissT said...

I love the last one too - but I think you'd lose the feathery effect. I think lino cuts work best when tye're quite stark - but then I tend to prefer monochrome at the best of times 8-).