Thursday, July 05, 2007

I want to go some place where the weather fits my clothes

Raining. Again. I'm sure its affecting everybody. I want to run away back to Greece today. But instead I did some designs for a floor-to-ceiling mural which I have been requested for. The brief was red flowers, green stems. I think any of these are going to look stunning. Am tempted to work these into a painting.


Unknown said...

Wow they all look spectacular…it’s very annoying that you can produce 4 great images all at once…some of us “um” and “ah” and dither about for ages trying to get one done…:)

Is that the aspect of the wall? Tall and thin…I was assuming that it would be more landscape format…must be an interesting room this Muriel is going in :)

You’re gonna need a bigger set of brushes…:)

SueC said...

Thank you :-)

I am unsure about the aspect of the wall and just assumed portrait for now.

I do have dither days too you know, I am no paragon of productivity, however this is a really exciting project to involved with and I always work fast when I'm passionate about something.

But you are dead right about the brushes. This is going tohave to be painted in emulsion I maybe a trip to B & Q is in order. :-)....for brushes AND a ladder!

natural attrill said...

The bottom one is my favourite.

Hope you are going to post pics of the room when the mural is finished.


SueC said...

Thanks Penny. I can'd decide which one I like the most. I like them all. After Grahams online tutorials, I am thinking of making lino cuts out of the 3 that aren't 'chosen' and producing some limited edition hand printed cards.

Well, its a plan.........

MissT said...

Cards are a great idea. I have to admit that I'd imagined a bit more jungle when you spoke about it. Lots of twisty green vines and long pendulous red flowers, like your Roussseu inspired picture.

More than happy to come and plant my foot at the bottom of your ladder for health and safety reasons 8-)

SueC said...

Thanks MissT.....I shall have to get you a matching boiler truly look the part ;-)