Friday, August 31, 2007

7 hours

I have until 7 pm this evening to complete 3 paintings.

This on top of making 3 dozen scones and banana bread for cricket tea tomorrow. I haven't made a cricket tea for a couple of years on account of having a very spirited toddler who was in the habit of running off with all the chocolate crispie cakes (a cricketing favourite).
Maddy is still in the habit of forcing her way to the front of the queue to get the pick of the cakes but I can't avoid my turn any longer.
There is quite a science to it and you have to cater for about 30. This involves 4 loaves of bread, an industrial size pack of tea bags and 2 kilo of sugar, at least 3 homemade cakes (if you want to be taken seriously) and if you are feeling particularly Delia Smith.....homemade egg mayonnaise sandwiches and something with chutney. Avoid anything with salad.....I digress. Where was I? Oh yes. 3 paintings.

I'm a member of Eynsham Arts Group and we meet on the last Friday of every month. (tonight). We often have guests come in to give talks and tonight Steve Taylor, who runs his own printing business, will be giving a talk on Fine Art Giclee Printing. Not only that, but he has offered to produce a print test for one of our members free of charge. We each can bring up to 3 orginals from which one will be selected to go into a draw to select a lucky recipient.

The images ideally should not be varnished or have a reflective medium (which excludes all the completed work I have in my studio). Hence painting 3 new ones without (a) gold or (b)varnish.

Its midday now and I'm hoping to sneak into the studio this afternoon while my children play contentedly and without the need for intervention and/or refereeing in the garden where I can keep an eye on them from my studio. I know. I am an eternal optimist. Wish me luck....I'll post the results later on.

......later on.
I have finished two out of the three. I really don't like the third one so I'm abandoning it for now and I'll just take two along to the meeting tonight.

Here they are drying in my kitchen.
I chose familiar subject matter!!


Unknown said...

Just to be clear about this…you managed to paint two beautiful looking pictures, make food for 30 hungry cricketers AND look after/fend off your two children…I shall expect to see you posting a picture of yourself in your Superwoman outfit rather than that pink boiler suit…:) …amazing as always :)

SueC said...

Well I have been known to wear my knickers outside my tights on occasion...;-)

MissT said...

And your knickers tucked into the back of your skirt...but that's another story 8-)