Wednesday, August 15, 2007

PictureDreams is spreading its wings

Very soon, I shall be featuring guest artists on my website. As well as offering hand printed cards and more limited edition original paintings for sale.

I hope my customers will enjoy the wider variety of work for sale.

As a taster, how about this?

Its a digital painting by an up and coming artist Clare Brunwin who is currently studying BA Hons in Fine Art at The University College for the Creative Arts in Canterbury (previously known as The Kent Institute of Art and Design). Definitely someone to watch.

I should have included some more information with this - sorry. The canvas is A1 in size and called
‘Turmoil’. It was produced using a photograph and a outline of a face, scanned into the computer and manipulated using wellknown photo and illustrating software. Special effects were added in and then the finished work printed onto canvas using a computer printer with matte finish.


natural attrill said...

Thats fantastic, I love to look at new artworks, thanks!

SueC said...

Thanks Penny.Its always refreshing to look at something different.x

Unknown said...

That’s very bold, can’t wait to see more of Clare’s work…perhaps you’ll have a Picture Dreams exhibition showcasing all the artists under your wing…:)