Monday, August 27, 2007

Another portrait of self

I often think of myself as some kind of flower.
Most often as an aging tulip. Ruby red in parts still, but with petals beginning to disarray. I love the brightness and colours still....a little brassy but with what I would like to consider some class.

But enough of this navel gazing. I think its time to dust off the overalls and join my family down the cricket field for this year's beer festival.


Unknown said...

There’s something very hypnotic about this tulip…have you ever done a canvas just full of petals? Just a thought :) the design of this one draws the eye in…and you’ve got a lovely velvet texture...:) again…really great Sue :)

natural attrill said...

Stunning work Sue.

SueC said...

Thank you. I have to admit that this subject was one of the first I ever painted and has developed over the past couple of years. It seems to be very popular and I think there is something quite mesmerising about the colours and contrast.

Intersting idea about a canvas full of petals....I keep thinking about that film with that girl laid on loads and loads of red rose petals...American something or other...rather annoyingly I can't remember the title.