Friday, August 03, 2007


I have been working on this lily canvas for some between holidays, crimson paint shortage, and the general chaos that accompanies school holidays when you're a WAHM.

This week I decided I wanted to change it. It didn't sit right and the right feel was eluding me.

So I redrew.

Then I reblocked the colours to build some texture.

And now I am putting the life back into the petals.

I should be up all night finishing this. I have taken the paint beyond the boundaries of the petals to give the feeling of sweep and flow. When I add the next layer of background I will redefine the flower again. I paint most of my flowers this way....they come and go on the canvas while I build up their structure. I find it difficult to paint something within a boundary. Thats just colouring in.

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Unknown said...

It’s coming along really well Sue. The two flowers look much more “connected” now you’ve redrawn them. It’s a really strong composition. :)