Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another Limited Edition

Number 1 is for a special lady celebrating her 99th birthday. Her favourite flower is the fuschia, and since she is danish, the flowers *had* to be red and white.!!


Anonymous said...

Nice work. (I'm a fuschia freak. Garden's full of 'em).

Adam said...

99th birthday!

That's fabulous - Gertie will really love it. Thank you very much indeed.

Lucy & Adam

SueC said...

Thank you Gordon....just been taking a peruse at your blog and I really like your work.

Fuschias are a fave of mine also..there is something very sumptuous and decadent about them. Lots of extra bits and pieces to attract the bees...not for them the utilitarian 5 petals :-)

SueC said...

Adam and Lucy...Sorry about the typo...of course its 99th!!


MissT said...

Here as myself - thank you so much for this. Gertie will really appreciate this. Flowers she can have in her room that will never fade.

Unknown said...

This is a very calming design…and you’ve got that “togetherness” feeling of the two flowers again…very good :)