Sunday, April 19, 2009

First day of the year without boots!

I am a boots gal by winter and a flip flop girl by summer. Its gorgeous today, so I rummaged in the wardrobe and left my socks behind. :-)
Maddy took this photo. We're sat on spare pond liner "supervising" as MrC digs a pond for the garden. G & T anyone?

Art Weeks

Today I have been in the studio finishing work for the next Arts Group exhibition which takes place on 2nd - 17th May. Having decided to submit oils rather than acrylics this year, I have had to do some planning (for a change) to make sure the layers all get finshed (and have time to dry).
I am cutting it extremely fine (again - as per usual) but I am very pleased with the results so far.
This is a large-ish box canvas. Its not finished yet (eek!) but should be by tomorrow. Since I am building up the colour by using lots of thin layers of oil, it is drying very quickly. Sometimes I miss my acrylics.......sniff.