Monday, March 23, 2009


Being in an oil-paint mojo these days, this is my first floral using oils. Its not finished (and yes Lorna its low res) but I hope to complete it this week. Artweeks isn't that far away now and I am working on a body of oil florals to exhibit.
Its a larger version of a similar acrylic I donated for auction last year. The idea is that the background buds and foliage will be in soft focus, and the middle prominant petals will be very sharp focus. There is a lot more detail to go into the centre flower, and if I had worked this in acrylic it would have been finished by now. However, I think the vibrancy of colour you get with oil certainly lend themselves to the colours I have used here....(and green is one of my favourite).

Friday, March 06, 2009

More progress

This is number 3. Unfinished as I need the paint to dry so I can paint in the laces. I suspect the owner of these picked them in part for their tartan linings! (mutter mutter). LOL.

I want to paint portraits of shoes rather than people and build up a series for a gallery. I think favourite shoes can say a lot about a person....the shoes themselves and also the ones that are picked. If you would like your favourite pair painted and included please let me know...I am on the look out for the interesting and the quirky :-)