Friday, March 12, 2010

Ever lasting

I started a new shoe painting this afternoon. In oils.
It is not finished and I have to wait for it to dry off a bit before I can do anymore. Patience was never one of my painting virtues!!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Do I...don't I??

Hmmm. Do I or don't I enter the RA Summer Exhibition this year. So far it is RA 3 Sue Cook nil, although I was deferred last year....
The only day I can get down to London is the 26th March - in which case I have to submit a glazed work - but this is the same day as the Arts Group AGM which I have to go to. Gah. Nothing on for months on end and then deadlines all backing up at once. Will ponder and sulk a while longer.
The deadline for buying an entry form is March 10. Next week. I have till then to decide I guess.

Flowers talk

I did some more on this yesterday....but I have to confess to having one of those afternoons where I don't really know where I am going. I wanted to get more depth into it and as is often the case with acrylic, the whites looked faded once dried. So after fiddling with the petal colours I put in some rough highlights. My aim is to get the sense that the central flower is set back from the rest which are crowding in front of it round its edges in some confusion. A work in progress....sigh.