Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday's efforts

I know the word effort and Sunday should not be used in the same sentence under normal circumstances BUT needs must when the devil drives your deadlines.
This handsome couple are Stargazer lillies which are one of my favourite flowers. Lucy got me thinking about goth purple and I have had some fun this afternoon blending colours. I am really pleased with the colours in the petals on the flower on the right....I would love a long velvet gown in exactly the same shade....more Morticia Adams pink than Barbie.....just about my style.....

Saturday, April 28, 2007

.....And here we are several hours later

...after many cups of tea, an Eagle Eye Cherry album and some weird cd my neighbour lent me...

I do rather feel drained now. Think I need a lie-down. Tomorrow is another day. x

Get out of bed....

After 3 days of antibiotics that were so huge I originally thought were pessaries, I am feeling well enough to GET OUT OF BED and DO SOMETHING.

My last over-optimistic post about fraternising on a Friday was clearly the ramblings of a fevered brain and I want to thank Lucy for the lovely heart chocolates and also Anon for his rescue parcel.

I don't think I'll be off to the gym anytime too soon, but I am hoping to wrap up in my studio , strap myself to my easel and at least produce something for Artweeks before the sun sets. Plus I have pressing orders to finish for Four Blank wish me luck and I'll be back later...................O and the pic is especially for Lucy.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another painting in progress

I am sat here in a huddle, sipping lemsip and wrapped in a Spongebob duvet with a sinking feeling I won't be up to painting in my studio this evening....

So I'll spend the time sharing the latest canvas on my easel. I *was* going to photo this as it progressed but in actual fact I got so carried away with the sensuous colours, the broad brush strokes and Citizen Cope this represents about 10 hours straight painting and I forgot to take pictures. I had such fun!

Its not finished ...yet. Some suggestions for a title would be great. I wanted the picture to capture the essence of masculinity and femininity and how they can be joined seamlessly a non-poncey way of course.

One painting one day

It was inevitable really. I paint best under pressure. And now there are only 12 days left until I have to have completed my work ready for the 2007 Artweeks exhibition. I am showing around 10 paintings. Only one is finished at the moment.
My studio is crammed with canvases in various stages of completion and I need to knuckle down and disappear for a while. Here is the first one. I'll post pics of the others as they are finished...please nag me if a day goes by when I don't.

For those of you interested in visiting the exhibition in May, have a personal invitation from me! x

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New material to share

Been cleaning out my studio closet today. I came across this.

When I get a commission, I produce little paintlets and this is one that never went any further. Its only about 20 cm long but I really like the colours.... but.... I'm unsure about the Rousseau style leopard in the background. Rousseau was ridiculed for much of his painting career and I'm not convinced the composition requires a furry cat. But I'd certainly appreciate any comments either way.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thief of time

Procrastination is.

I have been computer-less all day and have been looking through stacks of old photos for inspiration for some upcoming exhibition work.

I got side-tracked as inevitably I would when I discovered a load of old photos from my past and I thought I would share these.

I can hardly recognise the little girl in the pictures but it was me, when I was about 4. I still have the same taste in retro dresses and ribbons. Some things never change.

Monday, April 02, 2007

My soul to keep.........

I have been spending a lot of time on just one very special canvas lately. Its my submission for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. This is about a much-loved little baby boy who died suddenly at a very young age. His cremated ashes were turned into a diamond for his family to cherish.

I wanted to recreate a focal point diamond with his face behind some of the facets.
First, I played around with background:

Then block filled in facets of a diamond. I really let loose with colour here. I wanted to get a vibrant feel.

Next was the tricky part. Painting some portaits of the little boy to be pasted onto the diamond. I don't normally paint portraits that often, but I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed painting these. It was one of those (rare) days when everything goes right first time.

And for the past 18 hours I have been painting to get the work finished in time for delivery in London tomorrow.

Here is the result.

I want to thank J.T. for her kindness in sending me photos of her beloved son, and also my other half for endless supplies of cups of tea over the past 24 hours.

Just have to wrap it up now and hope it fits in the overhead shelves on the Oxford Tube otherwise I am going to have to buy it its own seat (its 80 cm square). The RA Summer Exhibition is a bit of a lottery, but I guess you have to be in it to win it so fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone else out there having a go