Monday, June 07, 2010

Threadneedle 2010: I am a number

On Saturday, I ventured into London (via car of all things on a day when the Blackwall Tunnel was closed), to take my submission for this year's Threadneedle Art competition.
This is an oil of the first wedding shoes of the landlord of the Queens Head, Eynsham. He kindly provided me with some 'blurb' to accompany the shoes...fingers crossed they appeal to the judges. Each entry gets a number and the numbers of the paintings accepted for the competition which are to be exhibited at the Mall Galleries, are published this Friday. I am 549.

Change your shoes, Change your life VIII: "These shoes winked at me in Coventry, circa 1974,
whilst looking for wedding attire. They cost me a week's (apprentice) fact twice the price of the wedding dress! Elton John and Slade were Top of the Pops and I
enjoyed my elevated view of life."