Monday, May 19, 2008

That was the artweeks that was....

After a frantic couple of weeks painting, followed by artweeks, I thought I would share some photos (courtesy of Julie at the Emporium). I took my paints along to do some demos during the exhibition. The best bit was getting kids having a go at acrylics, and Emma if you read this...please get in touch !! Thanks to everyone who came along. You can view some more examples of what was on display here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Study in Red

I mentioned earlier that I had been working a lot in red lately.

This was for a sizeable commission for an Oxford client and the brief was to put some zing (and red) into the room. The design is based on a diamond painting I did last year. Slightly cubist in style and making full use of colour and juxtaposition of shapes. I had 4 huge canvases to work with. Two are 3 x 4 feet, one 2 x 5 feet and one 2 x 3 feet. My client has kindly allowed me to show you what they look like in situ. Its one thing to see photos of canvases, and quite another to see them in context, so its a rare treat for me to be able to share. I hope you enjoy.