Saturday, September 26, 2009


I thought I might enter the Little Xmas Art competition which is an Oxfordshire based competition sponsored by Art Fusion and Art Inc Gallery.
Hopefully lots of the Eynsham Arts Group will enter as its on our doorstep so to speak.

The entry deadline is 20th October, so I have decided on entering a recent painting rather than starting a new one as I have some plans and ideas but not the time (even at my painting speed!) to execute them.

I am still building on my shoe collection in the hope of getting a gallery interested in the new year. Its going to be one of my New Year Resolutions (in capital letters) to make more of an effort to promote my work. Its difficult though, the other non-business minded side of me whines...what with 2 young children, a teaching job, and a household to run. Its small wonder I find the time to clean out my brushes properly (which I invariably don't) let alone pitch to galleries. Hope springs eh?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A place in the sun

I was in Crete this time last month. Beautiful long lazy sunny days and warm evenings. I promised the owners of the place we were staying - which was utterly fantastic by the way - the Hotel Aloi in Annisaras - that I would send a painting. And this is it. It isn't finished yet, school term has started so my painting hours have been somewhat curtailed. It is oil on canvas paper...since that can be rolled up easily and sent via airmail. It depicts the path through the gardens to the terrace, late in the afternoon when the sun was low and less fierce and really illuminated the trees.