Friday, April 01, 2011

6 Steps to the RA Summer Exhibition

After skipping a year (and quite some time off this blog), I've decided to return to floral paintings but with a little more edge this time. The colours I chose for this painting have been influenced by a commission I'm working on which is for a Spanish styled kitchen. In order to make sure of a colour match, I'd bought some sample wall paint. I used this emulsion colour to prime the canvas for my floral work, and its the first time I haven't started painting a design straight onto a white. I shall definitely be trying this technique again since it really adds vibrancy to the tone.

This is the acrylic painting in 6 stages. I had no real plans of what I was going to paint when I first stood in front of a 60 x 90 wall of orange, but just went with the flow. I realise paintings occasionally have to be planned, especially commissions, but its also fun to start with a blank canvas, some music, and see what emerges. :-)

Step 6Step 5
Step 4
Step 3
Step 2
Step 1


REVAD david riley said...

COOL or should I say HOT (given the great colour). How are the boots with all that orange paint flying around?

natural attrill said...

fabulous colours!

Lesley Chilvers (Elcee) said...

I love this, very inspirational.